Wedding Officiant

Rev. Matthew Iverson, Wedding Officiant

As a reverend, I enjoy helping couples accomplish the perfect wedding ceremony, customized for every wish, dream and whim. Making them happy gives me a great satisfaction. I relish being a small part in their happiness. My goal is to make sure that your wedding matches your vision, and reflects your beliefs and sensibilities. I am always happy to customize and personalize a ceremony by engaging your friends or relatives for readings or musical performances, using your readings, vows, and rites. Including children from previous marriages is often a great idea, given the childrens' interest to participate. For every wedding I help with the script and ceremony customization, music and bridal party coordination, introductions and directions for all present, and helpful tips and hints for you two throughout the ceremony so you always know what to do, without knowing anything ahead of time. I promise your ceremony will be wonderful and beautiful.

I pledge to work with you to design what you want for your wedding. It is all about you, your love, and your sharing it with your community of family and friends.


 Wedding Officiate Packages:

$200 for full ceremony with high quality portable PA (capable of BlueTooth streaming MP3 wedding music) and wireless microphone. (Includes certificate signing)

$150 for full ceremony with no PA (Includes certificate signing)

$50 to add rehearsal

$75 for certificate signing/vows only

$50 Signing only

$750 Full Ceremony with PA + 5 hours of DJing Bundled

See Pricing & Payments section for special deals and more information.

Rev. Matthew Iverson